Moroccan wine by Exotic Imports

Moroccan Wine

Moroccan wine

Journey into the Wines of Morocco

Morocco sets itself apart from other countries in North Africa because of its potential for producing high quality wines due to its location. Benefiting from the cooling breeze from the Atlantic Ocean and nested at the bottom of the Atlas Mountain, Moroccan vineyards have been cultivated for more than 4000 years. Morocco's wine industry is fast becoming one of the foremost upcoming wine regions in the world, or as we like to define it: "New wines from the old World". Exotic Imports presents Moroccan wine from Thalvin - Domaine Ouled Thaleb, established in 1923. Known to be the leading winery in the renaissance of Morocco's wine industry. Thalvin's vineyards are located in Zenata, the coastal region of Morocco. Enhanced by the warm rays of the Moroccan sun, the constitution of its soil, the use of sustainable farming methods and the handpicking of the grapes. The resulting traditional winemaking approach has led to the creation of the best of Moroccan wines, and provide a diverse range of wines, each created with a stylistic approach, unique blends and settled notes. Retaining indigenous varietals such as Faranah, and introducing others such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Thalvin and Exotic Imports hope to introduce more and more wine lovers to the wonderful taste of Moroccan wines.

Wine Tasting

Come raise a glass with us and experience the rich and colorful taste of wine from Morocco. Contact us and we'll let you know where you can find our Moroccan wines in your area.